The inspiration


expression of value

In all corners of the world, to honor the important moments in the life, the rite used is always the same; the toast!

This was the initial inspiration that led me to create a line of luxury products very unique.

Thanks to the directives of a Master Craftsman and supported by a team of extraordinary people, have been created exclusively by hand work bottles with the use of gold-based products; the real works of art!

Each bottle is different from the others because it is produced through the antique glass working techniques with the use of products based on certified gold, transmitting emotion to collect a true expression of value.


We always have the courage to follow heart and intuition, just so you can do something wonderful

Maurizio Tricarico


in shape and taste

The product line Maurice Tricò is not limited to only represent the excellence through shape, but also by the quality of the product from the best grape harvest that confirm the unique character of a wine excellence proposal.

Meticulous attention to the bottle filling process, the capping and closure cage enhance a handmade product made by man and not by a machine.

All this makes the line Maurice Tricò ideal for extraordinary and unforgettable moments, in shape and taste.

Maurizio Tricarico